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Achieving sustainable cultivation of cocoa
This volume reviews how research is addressing challenges in cocoa cultivation, covering areas such as breeding and agronomy, understanding and managing the range of diseases affecting cocoa, as well as ways of measuring and improving sustainability. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of potatoes Volume 2
This volume looks at key research on improving cultivation techniques in potato production. Part 1 ranges from modelling growth to nutrient and irrigation management as well as post-harvest storage. Part 2 looks at advances in understanding and managing diseases as well as the management of insect and nematode pests. 
Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture Volume 1 Fundamentals
With growing concern that both intensive agriculture in the developed world and rapid expansion of agriculture in the developing world is damaging soil health. This new volume reviews advances in our understanding of soil structure and dynamics providing the foundation for effective soil management. 
Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture Volume 2 Monitoring and management
Soil health is critical to a successful agriculture. Volume 2 in this collection reviews ways of classifying and measuring soils and their properties. It discusses how soil health can be maintained or enhanced to ensure sustainable agricultural production. The book also provides regional case studies of managing soil health in practice. 
Pesticides and agriculture Profit, politics and policy
Pesticides have played a critical but sometimes controversial role in the development of agriculture. This book provides an authoritative account of the development of the modern pesticides industry. It discusses the emergence of major pesticide companies such as Bayer, Monsanto, Rhone Poulenc, Dow, DuPont, Ciba-Geigy, Syngenta, BASF and ICI. 
Improving grassland and pasture management in temperate agriculture
This collection reviews current research into the sustainable use of agricultural grassland. It assesses grassland functions and dynamics, including plant-soil and plant-animal interactions, as well as reviewing key aspects of grassland management, including sowing, soil health, irrigation and weed control. 

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Achieving sustainable production of pig meat
This three-volume collection brings together research on the production of the most widely-consumed meat in the world. It reviews the safety, quality and sustainability of pig meat as well as focusing on the breeding of pigs and their nutritional requirements. The collection also highlights the importance of maintaining good animal health and the effect this has on pig meat production. 
Roots, tubers and pulses
This six-volume collection covers the advances in genetics and breeding of crops such as potatoes, grain legumes and cassava. The collection also reviews how to manage and understand the range of pests and diseases affecting these crops, as well as ways to improve cultivation techniques.  
Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat and eggs
This five-volume collection reviews current research on safety, quality and sustainability issues in egg and poultry meat production. Other areas such as the importance of animal health, welfare and their nutritional requirements are also discussed as well as advances in poultry genetics and their effects on breeding. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of cereals
This ten-volume collection reviews current research trends on five of the most important cereal crops: rice, maize, wheat, barley and sorghum. It addresses challenges in areas such as genetics and breeding to improve crop quality, cultivation and production techniques, as well as the importance of managing the vast amount of pests and diseases affecting these five major cereal crops. 
Achieving sustainable production of milk
This three-volume collection reviews research on the production of one of the world's most important agricultural food products: milk. The collection discusses milk composition and the range of products that can be produced, whilst also reviewing current research in genetics and breeding of dairy cattle. Safety, quality and sustainability issues, and the importance of dairy herd management and welfare are also addressed. 
Fruit, vegetable and nuts collection
This seven-volume collection reviews current research trends in fruits, vegetables and nuts. It includes tomatoes, apples, bananas and mangoes, as well as temperate zone tree fruits and berries and tree nuts. Areas such as advances in genetics and breeding these crops are reviewed as well as ways in improving cultivation techniques to make the production of these crops more sustainable.  

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