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Microbes in soil help sorghum stay strong against droughts 
Bacteria that help sorghum survive drought could someday be used as probiotics for crops. 
New report sheds light on how UK farming can meet the sustainability challenge 
A new report urges farmers to meet the sustainability challenge by 'redesigning' their farming systems by utilising natural resources. 
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Experts warn of food crisis as armyworm attacks maize farms 
Kenya could lose half of its maize crop and face a massive food crisis following an invasion of the Fall armyworm. 
Study examines energy and nutrient digestibility in wheat co-products fed to growing pigs 
With feed costs and the worldwide demand for meat growing, livestock producers are increasingly turning to co-products from the ethanol and human food industries. Research from the University of Illinois is helping to determine the feed value of wheat middlings and red dog, two co-products of the wheat milling process that can be included in diets fed to pigs and other livestock. 
New soil management and fertiliser rules take effect 
Farmers in England are reminded that rules were introduced on 2 April to tackle the problem of diffuse pollution and improve water quality. 
New method to help growers identify best Gala apples 
A new method to help UK growers identify the best Gala fruit to pick for long-term storage could deliver greater harvest efficiencies and lead to more product on shelf. 
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Breakthrough in battle against rice blast 
Scientists have found a way to stop the spread of rice blast, a fungus that destroys up to 30% of the world's rice crop each year. 
Wheat in heat: the 'crazy idea' that could combat food insecurity 
After four years of trials, scientists have found a wheat variety that can grow quickly and survive in sub-Saharan heat. 
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Farmers 'de-intensify' dairy by launching 'The Ethical Dairy' 
A dairy farming couple have launched 'The Ethical Dairy' in their bid to "de-intesify" the industry. Organic dairy farmers David and Wilma Finlay have spent a decade on their journey to find a "new approach" to dairying. 
Kansas State University researchers make breakthrough in glyphosate resistance in pigweeds 
Kansas State University researchers have discovered how weeds develop resistance to the popular herbicide glyphosate, a finding that could have broad future implications in agriculture and many other industries. 
New seed potato markets in Africa 
RWANDA and Uganda have been identified as two potential new export destinations for UK seed potatoes. 
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Burleigh Dodds win at IPG Awards 
We're absolutely ecstatic to be the winner of the Nick Robinson Newcomer Award at this year's IPG Awards
We're over the moon and were in great company with our fellow finalists Old Barn Books and Otter-Barry Books. 
Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners this year. 
New method to improve crops 
Researchers have developed a new way to breed plants with better traits. By introducing a human protein into the model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana, researchers found that they could selectively activate silenced genes already present within the plant. 
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Japanese scientists use egg whites for clean energy 
Proteins taken from egg whites could be used in the future to improve the production of carbon free energy. Japanese scientists claim to have used the protein as a tool for producing hydrogen, a source of clean electricity. 

News archive 

Cracking the genetic code for complex traits in cattle 
A massive global study involving 58,000 cattle has pinpointed the genes that influence the complex genetic trait of height in cattle, opening the door for researchers to use the same approach to map high-value traits including those important for beef and milk production. 
Egypt to cultivate digital data from agricultural sector 
A program that will provide electronic “smart cards” to Egypt’s farmers aims to eliminate administrative corruption within the Ministry of Agriculture, prevent its employees from tampering with paper documents and ensure that subsidies reach the proper recipients. 
Burleigh Dodds featured in Cambridge News 
BDS Publishing are delighted to be featured in the Cambridge News, where the launch of the Company is reported in the 'Movers & Shakers' coverage. 
The Cambridge News is a daily newspaper that covers the county of Cambridgeshire and has a distribution of over 20,000 copies every day. 
BDS Publishing featured in EADT 
Our work to solve some of the worlds greatest challenges has been reported on in the East Anglian Daily Times. 
The EADT is based in Ipswich in Suffolk and is distributed across the county as well as in Norfolk and Essex. It has a daily circulation of just under 30,000. 
The EADT has a regular farming supplement which reported on the work of Burleigh Dodds and which is read by agricultural experts across the East of England.