Co-Founders Rob Burleigh and Francis Dodds share their knowledge and insights into agricultural science, publishing and the latest news at Burleigh Dodds 
Achieving sustainable production of eggs Vol.2 
We're delighted to bring you news this week about our latest publication, 'Achieving sustainable production of eggs, Vol. 2', which has now been released and is available to order! 
This publication, edited by Professor Julie Roberts of the University of New England, Australia, explores the topics of animal welfare and sustainability within the poultry sector and is tipped to be "a major scholarly contribution to your colleagues and peers everywhere." 
Find out more from Managing Director, Rob Burleigh. 
The 13th International Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops 
This week is host to The 13th International Symposium of The International Society for Tropical Root Crops, taking place in Tanzania, Africa. 
We're delighted to have one of our contributing authors, Dr Erna Abidin, attending the symposium, who has further information about our publication 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of potatoes, Vol. 1'. 
Not at the event? Don't worry, Francis is providing more details on our upcoming crops title, 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava, Vol. 1'. 
This week, we're sharing further details about this new title, edited by Dr Autar Mattoo, USDA and Prof. Avtar Handa, Purdue University, USA. 
Tomatoes are the second most important vegetable crop after potatoes, supporting a global industry worth an estimated $50 billion. Due for publication in March, our new title addresses some of the challenges faced by this vast industry, with chapters covering everything from improving cultivation techniques to combating diseases and pests. 
Learn more about what's in the book from Francis. 
This book, edited by Emeritus Professor Michael Dikeman of Kansas State University, provides a comprehensive review of all aspects of beef quality, from breeding to cattle management and individual traits such as colour, flavour and nutritional value. 
In the words of Professor Keith Belk, Colorado State University, "This text will no doubt serve as an extremely important reference to students and industry!". 
Find out more about this new title in Francis' video. 
2017 publishing programme 
A few weeks ago, we shared news of our 2017 publishing programme catalogue, launched in January. 
Our 2017 catalogue lists over 50 titles reviewing key advances in research on more sustainable crops and livestock production. You can also find out more about our innovative climate-SMART-publishing approach. 
You can download your own copy by clicking here
Dairy Innovation Summit 2017 
We're delighted to be a part of the Dairy Innovation Summit, taking place on the 5th and 6th of April in Amsterdam. This exciting event is set to provide plenty of insightful information about key challenges and the latest innovations from the dairy industry. For the full conference programme click here
You'll be able to find further information about our forthcoming dairy titles at the event, but if you can't wait that long, you can see about them in Francis' video. 
EMR Association/AHDB_Horticulture Tree Fruit Day 
We're delighted to have Editorial Director, Francis Dodds, attending the EMR Association/AHDB_Horticulture Tree Fruit Day on 28th February in East Maling, UK. Francis will be on hand to provide further information about our fruit books, the full publication programme, as well as answer any questions you may have. 
If you can't wait to find out more information about our upcoming titles, you can hear more about our publication, 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of apples' in Francis' video below. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat 
Did you know that around half of wheat-yield potential can be achieved through improved agronomic practices? 
Our upcoming publication, 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat, Vol. 2' edited by Professor Peter Langridge, shows how different cultivation techniques can help improve wheat yields. 
In this week's video, Francis Dodds, Editorial Director, highlights some of the key chapters to demonstrate the wealth of knowledge in the book. 
Achieving sustainable production of eggs Vol.1 
In this video we'd like to introduce you to one of our first published titles, 'Achieving sustainable production of eggs Vol. 1' edited by Professor Julie Roberts from the University of New England, Australia. 
This important volume cover topics such as, egg composition, safety and sensory and nutritional quality. A leading expert says "an outstanding and comprehensive compilation of current knowledge by the world's foremost experts". 
Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Vol.1 is out now 
Earlier this month, the Burleigh Dodds team visited Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge, part of Blackwell's, to launch our very first published title, 'Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Vol. 1' edited by Steven C. Ricke from the University of Arkansas. 
We are very proud to publish this book and we hope it will be an important contribution to climate-smart agriculture poultry production. 
Achieving sustainable cultivaton of wheat 
As the latest research shows, wheat yields have stalled in countries such as Australia. These challenges and others are addressed in our two volume collection on Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat, edited by Professor Peter Langridge from the University of Adelaide. 
In this week's video, Francis shares further details on one of our first crop titles to be released in the Spring, 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat (Vol. 1)', and why we are so excited about this book. 
2017 publishing programme 
A new year means a new publishing programme catalogue from Burleigh Dodds. 
Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the prestigious Cambridge bookshop Heffers where, in a short video, Managing Director Rob Burleigh announced the release of our 2017 publishing programme catalogue. 
To download your own copy click on this link 2017 catalogue