Co-Founders Rob Burleigh and Francis Dodds share their knowledge and insights into agricultural science, publishing and the latest news at Burleigh Dodds 
What to expect from us this Autumn 
2017 continues to be an exciting and busy year at Burleigh Dodds. We've released an extensive range of both crops and livestock titles, developed new titles to add to the series as well as introducing a new thematics collection. 
You'll be pleased to know that we have no intention of slowing down and we have a full programme of new books to release in the final quarter of 2017. 
Find out more in our short business update from Rob in this week's video. 
This week we bring you news about the first published volume in our 'Achieving sustainable production of pig meat' collection. Volume 2, Animal breeding and nutrition. 
Volume 1 in the collection is edited by Professor Alan Mathew of Purdue University and covers topics such as safety, quality and sustainability. Volumes 2 and 3 are edited by Professor Julian Wiseman of the University of Nottingham and covers animal breeding, nutrition, health and welfare. 
We look forward to updating you in the coming weeks but in the meantime, Francis' video introduces Volume 2
New technology to detect cassava disease 
With rapid technology advances taking place all the time in today's world, progressions are constantly being made in all industries, and the world of agriculture is no exception 
We read an article this week in which researchers have developed a smartphone-based program that can automatically detect diseases in the cassava plant with almost 100 percent accuracy. The system was trained to recognise plant damage by the loading of nearly 3,000 images across a range of cassava diseases. This resulted in it being able to identify brown leaf spot with 98 percent accuracy and red mites at 96 percent - very impressive indeed. 
This technology is something that makes for a very promising future for farmers, not just in cassava but other crops too. 
Our newly published second volume on 'Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava', discusses these very issues. Items include advances in understanding cassava pests and diseases and integrated pest management techniques, which you can find out more about here. Alternatively, this week's double-bill of videos from Francis will give you a terrific insight into the wealth of material in our Cassava books. 
You can also read the full article on this exciting new AI system here
This week we're delighted to highlight the Poultry Africa 2017 conference taking place next week on the 4th and 5th October in Kigali, Rwanda. It is set to provide important updates and discussions on poultry research, and information about our 5 volume poultry collection will be available to delegates at the conference. 
Can't attend next week? Why not find out more about volume 3 and the latest title in the poultry meat collection from Francis in this week's video. 
Here at Burleigh Dodds, we're proud to produce innovative publications for the agricultural science research community. Our titles range across both crops and livestock and now include thematic titles in areas such as soil and water management. 
This week we wanted to highlight our 'growing' fruit collection containing two published titles, apples and tomatoes and two forthcoming on mangoes and bananas, Each book aims to bring you the latest in fruit innovation and covers topics such as post-harvest management, cultivation techniques and plant physiology and breeding. 
With each book edited by a distinguished expert in their field and a team of outstanding authors, and with further fruit titles in development, this collection is sure to be a valuable resource for the research community. 
You can find out more about our fruit titles by visiting our online bookshop or download our latest leaflet which is currently on display at the Science Protecting Plant Health conference in Brisbane, Australia. Alternatively, find out more about our two published titles in this week's double- bill of videos from Francis. 
This week we are delighted to announce our latest livestock title, 'Achieving sustainable production of sheep', has been published! 
The title, edited by Professor Johan Greyling of the University of the Free State, South Africa, covers a vast range of topics including nutrition, breeding and animal welfare. 
You can find out more about this book in this week's video from Francis. 
We're bringing you news this week about the Science Protecting Plant Health event being held in Brisbane, Australia. The conference will focus on the latest science, research and practice from leaders in their fields encompassing all the disciplines of plant biosecurity, plant pathology and entomology. 
In other news, we're delighted to announce that volume 2 in our Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava collection is now published and available to purchase. You can find out more about this title by watching Francis' short video. 
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