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Burleigh Dodds Crops Round Up 
5 November 2020 
Second volume enhances our collection on sustainable banana cultivation 
Professor Gert Kema, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands and Professor André Drenth, The University of Queensland, Australia 
Book Description 
This volume offers an authoritative discussion on the progress of identifying and broadening the genetic base for Musa species and reviews the current conventional and molecular breeding techniques for breeding new varieties of banana, as well as providing coverage on improving traits in Cavendish. 
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The Tropical Fruit Collection 

We have chapters covering the sustainable cultivation of mango, guava, lychee, coconut, papaya and MORE! 
Discover more about each title by clicking the cover image. 


Does crop diversification affect yield? 
A team of researchers from Iowa State University, USA have recently completed a study into the effects of crop diversification on crop yield. The results show that the implementation of crop diversification techniques (e.g. crop rotations) offer a 'win-win' scenario. That being that it improves the environmental outcomes, whilst also not impacting crop yield. [Read more here]. 
Using drones to tackle fall armyworm 
Entomologists at the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU), India have initiated the early stages of a study that intends to asses the effects of fall armyworm (FAW) on maize crops that can be used to develop more effective pest control methods. The team are using drones with different nozzles to assess the effectiveness of the spray on the disease. [Read more here]. 
Optimising apple yields 
A team of researchers - led by plant scientists at Cornell University, USA - are to complete a research project that would use computer vision, automation and robotics to optimise apple production. This process is currently extremely manual and somewhat imprecise. The USDA have allocated a $4.8 million grant for the project to go ahead. [Read more here]. 
CRISPR edited crops - the future? 
With a rapidly growing population, there is an urgent need for agricultural production to meet this demand, as well as ensuring sustainability from cultivation to harvest. Inari - a US based plant breeding company are doing their bit to contribute to this much needed change by investing in gene-editing technology to develop CRISPR edited seeds. [Read more here]. 

Upcoming Conferences 

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This year's conference is going virtual on 2nd December 2020. 
To find out more information about the event, download the event's agenda here 
Key Session: Climate change and extreme weather - perceptions and adaptive responses among farmers and land managers 
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AgriTech 4.0

Title Insights 

Burleigh Dodds Livestock Round Up 
12 November 2020 

The importance of pig behaviour and welfare 

Emerita Professor Sandra Edwards, University of Newcastle, UK 
Book Description 
The welfare of farmed animals such as pigs is an increasing concern for consumers and regulatory agencies. This book assesses ways of optimising pig welfare at differing production stages and reviews our understanding of current welfare issues such as tail biting docking, castration and the impact of enrichment. 
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The Pig Collection 
Discover our other titles on pig production that cover safety, quality, sustainability, breeding, nutrition, health and welfare. 


Seaweed as an alternative protein source 
With demand for animal protein increasing in line with growing global population rates, there is an urgent need to seek materials and products that can be used as alternative protein sources. A new study has assessed the nutritional value of six seaweed species sampled from the coast of Ireland, Scotland and France. [Read more here]. 
dairy cows
The invasion of rodents in dairy farms 
With dairy farms spread across an array of different environments, it is seemingly inevitable for them to experience a rodent invasion of sorts. Rodents are prone to burrow in exposed animal feed, thus contaminating it. A new article has been published that assesses the impact of these invasions on the production and economics of farms. [Read more here]. 
How important is enrichment for dairy cows? 
A new study has been completed that aimed to assess whether improving the environment of dairy cows in isolation pens could alleviate stress. The study examined the use of tactile (e.g. automated grooming brush) and visual (e.g. mirror) aids as a means of measuring changes in animal behaviour and periods of stress. [Read more here]. 
New outbreak of avian influenza in Japan 
Last week, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries officially confirmed an outbreak of avian influenza (HPAI) in a commercial poultry flock in Kagawa. Reports suggest that around 330,000 chickens were unfortunately culled due to the outbreak. This is the first outbreak of avian influenza in Japan since 2018. [Read more here]. 

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Title Insights 

Burleigh Dodds Crops Round Up 
5 November 2020 
New Title 
Achieving sustainable management of tropical forests 
Dr Jürgen Blaser, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; and Patrick Hardcastle, Forestry Development Specialist, UK 
Book Description 
This volume summarises and reviews the rich body of research on tropical forests and how this research can be utilised to make sustainable management of tropical forests a standard implementable strategy for the future 

A Special Feature 

We're pleased to present our subscribers with an exclusive video filmed by Patrick Hardcastle - one of the editors from this exciting new volume of research. 
Patrick discusses the importance of this publication in the current climate, as well as its contents and contributors. 

Editor Announcement 

We'd like to announce that Dr Craig Lobsey and Dr Asim Biswas have agreed to edit our forthcoming collection: ‘Advances in sensor technology for sustainable crop production‘
Dr Lobsey is Lecturer in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. 
Dr Asim Biswas is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph, Canada. 
Find out more about our new editors here 


water management
The importance of good irrigation 
Researchers from the University of Western Australia have highlighted the importance of efficient irrigation systems and how drought and water shortages can impact crop development and yield. Using greenhouse-grown tomatoes as their subject, their research shows that recycled wastewater achieved the best results. [Read more here]. 
Identifying best potato varieties 
With new crop varieties regularly released, information in regards to growth performance outside of controlled environments can sometimes be missing. The Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resource Development Board (RAB) have identified this issue and is deploying the tricot approach which allows farmers to rate which variety is worst and best. [Read more here]. 
The rise of soybeans 
In recent months, the price of soybeans on the Chicago Stock Exchange have excelled. According to reports, this rise in value can be attributed to severe dry sowing conditions in Brazil, as well as increasing demand by China. With Brazil facing nearly three months of dry sowing conditions, the South American supply of soy has been exhausted. [Read more here]. 
Self-watering soil - The future of farming? 
A team of researchers and engineers from the University of Texas at Austin, USA have developed a variety of soil that is capable of pulling water from the air and then distributing it to plants in its local vicinity. The study and its consequent findings offer the potential of expanding the globe's current 'farmable' land. 
[Read more here]. 
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Virtual Conferences 

Crop Protection Forum 2020 

We're delighted to be exhibiting at our first physical event since March! 
What: Crop Protection Forum 2020 
Where: Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia Business School, Australia 
When: Tuesday 8th December 2020 (8am-6pm) 
For more information on the conference, download the program or alternatively, visit the website

Title Insights 

Burleigh Dodds Livestock Round Up 
5 November 2020 

Top Story 

How can we make the dairy industry more resilient in the face of mounting challenges? 
Like most industries around the globe, the dairy industry has been impacted by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), with many workers facing redundancies or extended periods of time with no work. A new project is seeking to improve the resilience of the dairy sector. 
Funded by EIT Food, the project - named Smart-ET - aims to develop working digital tools that will allow farmers, producers and sellers to react more effectively to fluctuations in demand as experienced during the pandemic. 
Read the full article here 
Achieving sustainable production of milk - Volume 2 
Book Description 
This book reviews current research on understanding and managing pathogens in dairy farms. It also discusses more recent concerns about the environmental impact of dairy farming and ways it can be made more sustainable, including in developing countries. 
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Download the full list of qualifying titles here


Avian influenza outbreak in UK 
A farm in Cheshire, UK have been forced to cull around 13,000 broilers after discovering the H5N8 strain of bird flu in the flock. Just last week, a highly pathogenic variant was found present on a Dutch farm. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are investigating as to whether the UK outbreak is linked. [Read more here]. 
Funding for alternative feed producer 
Deep Branch - a UK-based Biotech company have secured funding of around €2.5 million from the European Innovation Counil (EIC). The company uses microorganisms to convert CO2 into high-quality products that can be used as novel protein sources for animal feed. [Read more here]. 
ASF spreads further in Germany 
According to reports published by the German Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL), African Swine Fever (ASF) has officially spread into another German state. The wild boar was discovered during a hunting session in Saxony, however didn't show any of the clinical symptoms associated with ASF. This is Saxony's first reports of a positive test. [Read more here]. 
Postpartum clinical disease in dairy cows 
A recent article published on Dairy Global has investigated the effects of postpartum clinical disease in dairy cows. The article refers to a 2019 study which assessed the differing effects of metritis, mastitis and ketosis on milk production and cow performance. Results showed a decline in performance with cows that developed one of the above diseases during the postpartum period. [Read more here]. 
BDS Related Book: Improving dairy herd health 

In Case You Missed It... 

We've recently published our fourth blog in our new Blog Series! 
The new blog discusses the rise of wearable technologies in poultry production and whether its use can drive notable improvements in chicken welfare. 
The blog also discusses the role consumer and retailer concerns have had on the sector's decision to improve the welfare of all livestock species. 

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