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At Burleigh Dodds we recognise the crucial role librarians play in linking the research world to information providers. With this in mind we have created this dedicated page where you will find information and resources which we hope will allow you to do your job more effectively, and to enable and facilitate the important work researchers and scientists are doing. 
You will find a number of resources on this page, starting with a quick links section below which will take you directly to the information you need. We hope you find this page useful and welcome feedback.  

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Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is an award winning independent publisher and its work will help librarians to support academics, researchers and professionals in agricultural science address the pressing issue of how to feed a growing population in the face of climate change and increasing competition for land, water and other resources. 
By adding our highly curated, premium content to your agricultural science collection, you will help the communities you serve identify key issues and trends and find their way more quickly to the research that is most useful to them, allowing them to plan their own research programmes and link up to other research centres to collaborate more effectively. 
Based on extensive research, our publishing programme specifically targets the challenge of climate-smart agriculture. We have and continue to build a state of the art database of review chapters, each written by a leading international expert, drawn from academia, research and industry, which systematically covers both the major crops and livestock products and, at the same time, each step in the value chain for their production, from breeding through to harvest. 
Using the latest technology to manage this wealth of material, we have rapidly built up a major publishing programme which is available in a range of formats to suit our customers, whether books or individual chapters, or in print and digital formats. In these ways we are using 'smart-publishing' to help achieve 'climate-smart' agriculture. 

Where you can find our products 

We work closely with all the major library suppliers, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, YBP and ProQuest as well as electronic providers such as EBSCO and Taylor & Francis to ensure real time access to our full range of publications. Our metadata can also be found on discovery services such as AGRIS, etc. Follow these links to download a full list of published and forthcoming titles which we will continue to update and add new books to. 
All books can be found at our online Bookshop and to find out what others are saying about them in our book review section. 
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We're delighted to bring you news of a new title which summarises the wealth of recent research that addresses these challenges, whilst also identifying potential mitigation strategies to reduce the sector’s contribution to climate change, such as reduced fertilizer use and water conservation. This collection also highlights developments in breeding for improved cultivars of turfgrass with enhanced abiotic and biotic stress responses, as well as climate resilience. 
The agricultural science research community has access to an ever increasing range of material to help their research but it's the sheer volume of information that is now proving to be a problem, according to a recent report from the OUP. 
However, help is at hand and our books can offer a solution. 
With each chapter providing an overview of the key research in a topic by an acknowledged expert in the fields, our books provide a broader map of the subject as a whole. This allows researchers to go direct to the research most important to them. 
Watch Francis' video to learn more about how our books can improve and enhance the research experience. 
"This book is number 106 in the Burleigh Dodds Series in Agriculture Science and continues this excellent series of informative reviews in plant and animal agricultural production systems. This volume is a collection 
of chapters by experts in cereal diseases and disease management from around the world and contains some excellent detailed overviews on recent advances in our understanding of key cereal pathogens and advances in their management. It will be a valuable resource for wheat and barley focussed researchers, breeders and growers.” (Professor Matt Dickinson, University of Nottingham, UK - Plant Pathology) 
“[The book]…provides a balanced picture of the possibilities and advantages, as well as the challenges, that use of biological crop protection entails… For anyone involved in the microbial bioprotectants space, this is a comprehensive resource you won’t want to miss out on. It includes practical yet academic-led discussion and examples that help establish the roadmap for this section of the bioag sector.” (BioAgWorld) 
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