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2023 catalogue 
Instant Insights catalogue 
Burleigh Dodds Publication Schedule
Publication schedule September 2023 - Excel 


Plant factories 
Advances in plant factories - postcard
Fresh produce 
Advances in ensuring the microbiological safety of fresh produce - Postcard
Modelling climate 
Modelling climate change impacts on agricultural systems
Agricultural ethics 
Key issues in agricultural ethics - A5 Postcard
Hatchery practice 
Embryo development and hatchery practice in poultry production - A5 Postcard
Insect pest monitoring 
Advances in monitoring of native and invasive insect pests of crops
Sustainable production and postharvest handling of avocado
Dairy nutrition 
Advances in sustainable dairy cattle nutrition
Wheat pests 
Advances in understanding insect pests affecting wheat and other cereals
Crop sensors 
Advances in sensor technology for sustainable crop production
Turfgrass management 
Achieving sustainable turfgrass management
Understanding and improving crop photosynthesis


Promoting pollination and pollinators in farming
Poultry meat 
Improving poultry meat quality
Soil carbon 
Understanding and fostering soil carbon sequestration - A5 Postcard
Pig herd health 
Optimising pig herd health and production
Soil health 
Improving soil health
Understanding and optimising the nutraceutical properties of fruit and vegetables
Seed science 
Advances in seed science and technology for more sustainable crop production
Advances in PLF 
Advances in precision livestock farming
Climate-smart coffee 
Climate-smart coffee: Improving social and environmental sustainability
Poultry flock health 
Optimising poultry flock health
Plant phenotyping 
Advances in plant phenotyping for more sustainable crop production
Energy-smart farming 
Energy-smart farming: Efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability
Advances in IWM 
Advances in integrated weed management
IPM horticulture 
Improving integrated pest management in horticulture
Milk nutraceuticals 
Understanding and improving the functional and nutritional properties of milk
CA V3 
Advances in Conservation Agriculture - Volume 3: Adoption and Spread
Pig gut health 
Understanding gut microbiomes as targets for improving pig gut health


Developing smart agri-food supply chains
Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management
Disease resistance 
Achieving durable disease resistance in cereals
Seaweed A5 Postcard
Dairy herd health 
Improving dairy herd health
GHG emissions 
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production
Measuring soil health 
Advances in measuring soil health
Animal feed 
Developing animal feed products
Nutritional cereals 
Improving the nutritional and nutraceutical properties of wheat and other cereals
Genome editing 
Genome editing for precision crop breeding
Plant genetics 
Plant genetic resources: A review of current research and future needs
Dairy welfare 
Understanding the behaviour and improving the welfare of dairy cattle
Crop root 
Understanding and improving crop root function
Soilless culture 
Advances in horticultural soilless culture
Pig welfare 
Understanding the behaviour and improving the welfare of pigs


Smallholder farming 
Smallholder farming systems
Chicken welfare 
Chicken welfare
Poultry genetics 
Poultry genetics
Ornamental plants
Bananas Vol. 2 
Bananas V2
Rumen function 
Rumen function
Food losses & waste 
Food losses and waste
Tropical forests 
Tropical forests
Postharvest cereals 
Postharvest cereals
Climate change 
Climate change
Urban agriculture 
Urban agriculture
Chicken welfare 
Chicken welfare
Data management 
Data management
Crop nutrition  
Crop nutrition
Database Flyer 
Database Flyer
BSAS Flyer  
BSAS Member Special Offer Flyer
AWBSA Flyer  
Delegate offer - AWBSA Delegates
Fruit Focus 2023 
Fruit Focus 2023
WCSS 2022 
World Congress of Soil Science 2022
Livestock Database Flyer 
BDS Database - Flyer
Livestock Catalogue 
Livestock Catalogue
Poultry Science Catalogue 
Poultry Science Catalogue
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