Built on a reputation of experience, engagement and innovation 
Delivering knowledge for the global scientific community is what drives Burleigh Dodds and this is why we put a great deal of importance on working in partnership with our editors and authors. 
We know you are busy senior professionals and we want to make the best use of your valuable time. We do this by supporting each key stage in the process of developing a title. This approach ensures content development, content delivery, content production and content discoverability is progressed utilising our experience, engagement and innovative approach at all times. 
We believe in getting to know our customers and the issues that matter most to them. We will use that understanding in partnership with our own expereience, innovation, research and networks of expertise to develop content in partnership with you. By developing contents together, we will build an even stronger title. This ensures there will be a substantial contribution to the subject. 
Delivering knowledge for the global scientific community is what drives the content production process at Burleigh Dodds. In addition to redrafting chapters for style, we arrange to have them produced to the high standard of quality you and our readers expect. Research tells us that the demand for electronic publications continues to grow. That is why we will publish titles in both print and electronic format to match what customers find easiest to access and easiest to use. 
Our editors tell us they do not want to be burdened with managing these projects. This means we will be responsible for inviting, contracting and liaising with all the chapter authors to ensure they deliver their chapters on time. As an editor, you can focus on what matters most: reviewing the technical quality of draft chapters. We can help with peer review process and in addition, we will take responsibility for such issues as checking and redrafting chapters for style (e.g. where a chapter author’s first language is not English). 
We are committed to connecting content with the widest possible readership to maximise its impact. We will ensure each publication is cited as widely as possible, use SEO to maximise online discoverability and deposit metadata with relevent repositories. We will build and establish communities of potential users and purchasers for each title and will use social media to grow the audience further. We will ensure broad review coverage and have an international network of agents and representatives to reach worldwide markets. 
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