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Understanding and improving crop photosynthesis
This collection reviews the wealth of research on the different ways of improving C₃ photosynthesis in crops and how to use this knowledge to achieve sustainable improvements in yields in the face of climate change. 
Promoting pollination and pollinators in farming
This collection reviews the wealth of research on understanding pollination processes, the role of pollinators and how best to protect them and the ecosystem services they deliver in crop production. 
Improving poultry meat quality
This collection summarises recent research on genetic and environmental factors affecting the development of quality traits in poultry meat and their implications for breeding, husbandry and postharvest processing. 
Understanding and fostering soil carbon sequestration
This collection reviews the wealth of recent research on important aspects of soil carbon sequestration in different environments and soil types and its contribution to ensuring a positive carbon budget at the farm and landscape level. 
Optimising pig herd health and production
This collection summarises the wealth of research on optimising pig health to prevent the occurrence and spread of major diseases known to the pig industry, such as African Swine Fever (ASF) and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS). 
Improving soil health
This collection summarises current research on the effects of different management strategies on the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. It assesses the viability of these management strategies, including zero tillage and intercropping, as a means for improving crop yield, ecosystem productivity and soil health in general. 
Climate-smart production of coffee: Improving social and environmental sustainability
The coffee sector needs more sustainable methods of cultivation. This volume reviews the range of recent research addressing these challenges, from social and environmental sustainability to integrated management of pests and diseases based on agroecological principles. 
Optimising poultry flock health
This collection reviews the range of recent research on improving our understanding of the mechanisms of disease transmission and how this understanding can be used to improve poultry flock health. 
Understanding and optimising the nutraceutical properties of fruit and vegetables
This collection reviews research on phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables, their health benefits and ways these benefits can be optimised to improve human health. 
Advances in seed science and technology for more sustainable crop production
This collection reviews the wealth of recent research on advances in seed science and technology, including key developments in seed phenotyping and seed treatments, and their role in contributing to a more sustainable agriculture. 

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Emerita Professor Carolyn Sachs and Dr Paige Castellanos
New Editors Join the Burleigh Dodds Team! 
We are delighted to announce the arrival of two new editors! 
Emerita Professor Carolyn Sachs and Dr Paige Castellanos have agreed to edit our forthcoming collection: ‘Women and smallholder farming: Addressing global inequities in agriculture‘. 
Find out more here. 
New Book Shines Light on the Integral Work of Pollinators Worldwide 
Up to 95% of the earth’s flowering plants require the services of other organisms to move pollen from male to female flower parts during the pollination process. However these organisms – better known as pollinators ­– are in serious decline. 
Although there are several contributing factors to this decline, the main issue that researchers continue to flag is the impact of modern farming practices on the loss and/or destruction of suitable habitats for pollinator species. 
Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing – an award-winning UK publisher – has assembled a group of some of the world’s leading experts to provide reviews of the latest research on the existing threats to pollinators, as well as best practices which can be implemented to promote pollinator species on an industrial and individual level. 
Read the full Press Release here
NEW Book Review in Avian Pathology 
"The result is a refreshing balance between readability and practicality, underpinned by true science and the appliance of science… as a comprehensive resource on the breadth of information available with the combination of general principles, up-to-date advice, coupled with an excellent provision of further reading and resources for every chapter, makes this an essential addition to any poultry library!" (Dr Stephen A. Lister, review in Avian Pathology) 
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