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Microbial bioprotectants for plant disease management
This collection summarises and reviews the wealth of recent research on the development of more environmentally friendly biological methods to control plant diseases. 
Achieving durable disease resistance in cereals
This collection reviews advances in the key areas required to achieve durable disease resistance in cereal crops, from advances in understanding pathogen biology/epidemiology and plant pathogen interactions to identifying sources of resistance and advance techniques for breeding new varieties. 
Seaweed and microalgae as alternative sources of protein
This collection summarises current developments in utilising seaweed and microalgae as alternative sources of protein. Chapters focus on identifying the different types of macroalgae and microalgae, cultivation and processing, as well as the practical application in human and livestock diets. 
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production
This collection reviews measurement and modelling of methane emissions and current mitigation strategies, including improving breeding and health, manure management as well as the role of grassland and feed supplements. 
Improving dairy herd health
This volume reviews advances in on-farm herd health management to prevent and limit disease amongst dairy cattle. It surveys advances in disease epidemiology and monitoring, ways of optimising cattle immune function as well as enhancing health at different stages in the life cycle. 
Advances in measuring soil health
This volume begins with a review of advances in measuring soil biological activity. Parts 2 and 3 survey developments in measuring soil physical and chemical properties. The collection concludes by reviewing soil health indicators and decision support systems for improving soil management. 
Developing animal feed products
This volume reviews key research and the challenges faced in developing new livestock feed products that promote growth whilst also enhancing both product quality and safety. This collection also summarises recent key developments in the sector, including a better understanding of gut function and the need to replace antibiotics 
Improving the nutritional and nutraceutical properties of wheat and other cereals
This volume reviews the key research on the nutritional components of cereals, their interactions with the gut, the way processing can inhibit or optimise their benefits and what it means for developing the next generation of nutritionally-enhanced cereal products. 
Genome editing for precision crop breeding
Part 1 of this volume reviews advances in gene editing techniques such as insertion-based genome edits, base editing, guide RNAs and CRIST/Cas off targeting. Part 2 surveys applications of gene editing in key cereal and vegetable crops. 
Plant genetic resources: A review of current research and future needs
This collection surveys the wealth of research addressing the challenges facing agriculture, such as maintaining and benefitting from plant genetic diversity. It assesses ways of valuing and monitoring plant genetic diversity and discusses advances in in-situ and ex-situ strategies for conserving plant genetic diversity. 

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Professor Mark Post, Dr Che Connon, Dr Chris Bryant
New Editorial Team Joins Burleigh Dodds! 
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new editorial team to the Burleigh Dodds team. 
Professor Mark Post, Dr Che Connon and Dr Chris Bryant have agreed to edit our forthcoming collection: 'Advances in cultured meat quality'. 
Find out more here 
New book explores best practices for achieving durable disease resistance in cereals 
It’s been estimated that up to 40% of crop yields are lost to pests and diseases worldwide, a problem exacerbated by increasing fungicide resistance. Given the continuous struggle between crops and the diseases which exploit them, achieving durable disease resistance remains a key challenge in ensuring global food security.  
Achieving durable disease resistance in cereals provides an authoritative review of key advances, from better understanding of pathogen biology/epidemiology and plant-pathogen interactions, to identifying sources of resistance and advances in techniques for breeding new varieties. 
Find out more about our new title here
NEW Review in Hatchery Practice 
‘This book gives a good overall review of the advances that have recently occurred in the fields of poultry genetics and genomics…one thing that really struck me about this book was the calibre of the editorial team and the international range and expertise of the contributing authors.  
With over 550 pages this book is well worth its place on the bookshelf of anyone who is interested in poultry breeding and genomics.’ (International Hatchery Practice) 
Read the full Review here
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