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Advances in seed science and technology for more sustainable crop production
This collection reviews the wealth of recent research on advances in seed science and technology, including key developments in seed phenotyping and seed treatments, and their role in contributing to a more sustainable agriculture. 
Advances in precision livestock farming
This collection reviews recent advances in developing precision livestock technologies. It assesses developments in continuous, automated, real-time monitoring of production, health and welfare traits of livestock to improve the efficiency, welfare and environmental impact of livestock farming. 
Advances in plant phenotyping for more sustainable crop production
This collection reviews the wealth of research on advances in phenotyping and the influential role it plays in identifying the relative importance of genetic, environmental and agronomic factors in determining complex plant traits, such as yield and resource-use efficiency. 
Energy-smart farming: Efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability
This collection reviews research on methods implemented to reduce the costs and environmental impact of on-farm energy use, such as through the adoption of renewable forms of energy production, as well as utilising energy sources more wisely. 
Advances in integrated weed management
This collection explores recent developments in integrated weed management that embrace a more holistic, landscape-based agroecological approach, including the application of technology to allow more informed decision-making and more targeted solutions. 
Improving integrated pest management in horticulture
This collection reviews current advances in integrated pest management (IPM) for horticultural crops, including the use of biological control mechanisms, technological developments such as proximal sensors, agronomic practices and physical control. 
Understanding and improving the functional and nutritional properties of milk
This collection reviews and summarises our current understanding of the functional and nutritional properties of milk to ensure it can be optimised both as a food and as a key ingredient in dairy products. 
Advances in Conservation Agriculture - Volume 3: Adoption and Spread
Conservation Agriculture (CA) seeks to understand the ecological basis of sustainability, whilst making better use of soil as a key resource in farming. Following on from previous volumes that discussed the systems, science, practice and benefits of CA, Volume 3 reviews the adoption and spread of CA in different regions around the world. 
Understanding gut microbiomes as targets for improving pig gut health
This collection summarises current research on the structure and function of the gastrointestinal tract in pigs, the factors that can influence its effectiveness, as well as the nutritional strategies that can improve gut development and optimise gut function. 
Developing smart agri-food supply chains
This collection provides an authoritative assessment of the current issues challenging the safety of agri-food supply chains and the recent technological developments implemented to improve safety and quality at all levels. 

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Adriana Casillas
New Editor Joins Burleigh Dodds! 
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new editor to the Burleigh Dodds team. 
Adriana Casillas has agreed to edit our forthcoming collection: 'Insects as alternative sources of protein for food and animal feed'. 
Find out more here. 
New book collates research on the recent advances in precision livestock farming 
Diseases remain one of the biggest threats to livestock production worldwide – a point reinforced by the recent publication of statistics which detailed that in 2019, around one quarter of the world’s population of domestic pigs were culled as a result of contracting African swine fever or being exposed to the virus. 
Mitigating disease threat and preventing the onset of major diseases is a focal point for the livestock sector going forwards, coupled with the need to monitor the efficiency and environmental impact of livestock production. 
Utilising technology as a means of monitoring, managing and improving livestock health, welfare and behaviour is the latest emerging area of research which tackles the above challenges and one that is comprehensively explored in a new book. 
Read the full Press Release here
NEW Book Review in Crop Protection 
"This book is easy and enjoyable to read and understand and the chapters and topics are logically arranged and presented. It will be a standard reference for graduate students preparing for careers in horticulture, IPM researchers in horticulture, crop pest management professionals, government agencies tasked with monitoring and regulating pesticide use in agriculture and manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural pesticides." (Crop Protection) 
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